From the start of a project, drones capture aerial images and help gather data for surveys, topographical maps, and 2D and 3D models. Because drones use GPS readings, the data is highly accurate and is faster than data collected by ground crews. Commercial drones can be launched at any time, making immediate data collection easier.



Drone-gathered data is highly accurate and allows for precise applications. This prevents mistakes caused by subpar data and allows you to get more done, faster. The advancements in software technology allow drone footage to be incorporated for more accurate maps and designs for future construction sites.


Eliminate or reduce helicopter and pilot fees and allocate that money to other, more important areas of your project. Reduce time-consuming ground observations and cut your crew costs in the process—our drones make it easy for one person to perform inspections, surveys, and more.


Share data on building sites with remote engineers and key decision-makers. When everyone has access to the same data at all times, project management becomes a smooth, streamlined process. If your team encounters a problem, your drone can capture a part of the site or structure in unmatched detail, allowing you to share high-definition video or high-resolution stills with engineers and decision-makers, controlling delays and promoting ideal outcomes.


Monitor construction progress and share with clients and stakeholders. Give real-time reports to clients and keep everyone up-to-date on the progression of the build. Drone footage can be securely archived with a timestamp, allowing teams to track the progress of a project and share that file with a client, promoting transparency when reporting project status.


When you need aerial photos, map videos, or inspect an entire work site while carrying out real-time diagnostics, you need an all-in-one solution. Hard-to-reach areas are no longer a problem or safety hazard for workers. Let us help show your team the benefit of using drone solutions to anticipate future requirements.


There are many drone applications within the construction industry that can make the life of builders, general contractors, and construction managers much easier. Drones can be used throughout the entire construction lifecycle and deliver sophisticated data with potential issues that the human eye cannot detect.

By leveraging drones to measure progress, you can achieve real-time insights to quickly identify potential issues. Improving design accuracy, land surveying, building inspections, and monitoring on-site activities are examples of how a drone program can increase efficiency, and ultimately allow construction managers to make better decisions in and out of the field.

Project Management

Project managers are leading the charge on bringing drones onto the job site—and for a good reason: drones minimized the need for them to drive from jobsite to jobsite each day to monitor progress.

Instead, drones can live on-site and launch along pre-programmed routes to survey development and collect real-time data. This keeps everyone on the same page and ensures teams are making the most informed decisions possible.

Survey the Jobsite

The land beneath your building is one of the most critical aspects of your job site, but it’s one of the most complex landscapes to survey accurately. By using drones, your team can save time and energy during your project’s survey phase.

Not only can drones cover an entire construction plot in just minutes, but drone surveying can give you the information needed to generate accurate 3D models to educate groundcrews.

Marking and Measuring

There are lots of time-consuming, manual processes on a construction site, like posting flags and rolling out measuring wheels.

Drones can take accurate measurements of site maps and send them straight to the computer, reducing the need for manual processes, and allowing your team to identify safety concerns.

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