In recent years, government agencies ranging from the USDA to NASA have transitioned into using crewless aerial vehicles for a variety of applications. While other government agencies have relied on drones for years, their applications have become much more diverse, extending into local government and civilian use.

In 2014 alone, NASA spent $10.6 million on UAVs. Within four years, that figure jumped up to $64.8 million. Drones have dozens of applications for the government, and that shows no signs of slowing any time soon.



Drones are simple to deploy and can head out on missions rapidly. They’re much easier to implement than human teams, and they allow government agencies to respond quickly to developing situations without the hassle of assembling staffed teams.


Data is critical for government agencies, and drones offer some of the most powerful data in the world. Whether the mission is simple, like USDA agricultural field surveys, or more complex operations for local government, drones deliver high-quality, real-time data teams can rely on.


Drones integrate easily into other government systems and can work in a complementary fashion with existing technology. This allows them to expand the capability of departments quickly and easily, and without much disruption to current operations.


In situations when tactical support is required, drones are an excellent addition. Because they allow government agencies to utilize cutting-edge technology, simplified deployment, and real-time data, they can be a critical addition to any tactical operation.


Unmanned drone inspections have become the go-to for many nuclear facilities throughout the country. These aircraft help promote safety and reduce expenses.

Drones offer an “eye in the sky” when it comes to civil security. With an unmanned aerial drone in the sky, local government officials can keep crowds safe, monitor threats, and gain critical intelligence in times of need.

Wildlife Mitigation

Fight fires with agile and powerful drone solutions. Built for the toughest missions, our industrial drone platforms equipped with thermal and optical zoom cameras can help you swiftly scan through smoke and fire, giving you a safer and greater view of the mission at hand for better decision making.

Wildlife Monitoring

Government agencies like the BLM and Forest Service often need to monitor wildlife to get population numbers, contain illnesses, and track behavior. On foot, this becomes an expensive and challenging operation. With drones, it’s much easier to monitor wildlife even in rugged or difficult-to-access landscapes.

Search & Rescue

Search and rescue operations place people in dangerous and trying situations. With drone support, government agencies can keep teams out of harm’s way, cover more ground, and offer more efficient SAR missions, supporting mission success.

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