Customized Consultation & Training

Our training specialists cater to the needs of those with basic flight
knowledge as well as customized, advanced initiatives to support complete
and efficient pilot program rollout. Our experts will work with you to
implement a unique program with training solutions tailored to your
organization’s specific needs, so your team is prepared to handle anything
they may encounter out in the open.

Why Get Training?

If you are implementing a new UAV program within your organization, chances are you may not have experienced drone pilots as part of your staff. While hiring pilots may be a secondary initiative, you want to ensure your current staff is set up for success.

All UAV pilots must be Part 107 certified in order to fly commercially, so you will need to help prepare your team prepare to take the Part 107 exam. We offer various training packages designed to fit the needs of your organization, from some of the most basic concepts, to more complex operations.

Even if you do have members with drone flying experience, not all enterprise solutions operate the same way. We believe adequate training will help keep your investment safe, and promote confidence among your operators when they take flight in the field.


Complete Safety Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive safety curriculum that can be customized to provide a turnkey drone safety training solution – enabling your organization to scale safely, professional and efficiently to maximize ROI while mitigating risk.

Training Solutions

We understand that enterprise solutions aren’t always that easy to use. This is why we provide extensive training solutions ranging from standardized training (e.g., Online 107) and off-site and classroom modules, to on-site flight training and fully customized training packages built for your enterprise.

Niche Industry Experts

We will connect you with someone who has experience helping customers within your specific industry. They will understand the pain points and priorities of your team members, and will be able to show them how to properly use drones as tools for their operations.

Drone Technology Serves
Many Industries We Specialize In

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